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And here's the rest of the set, complete with twelve (not-so-fancy) banners. Most of them are 480 pixels wide, since that's the width I commonly use on profiles.

Bobby thumbed a diesel down just before it rained, rode us all the way to New Orleans. )
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I wanted a few extra icons for one of my characters. Twenty-six pages of tumbling later, I only even stopped for the sake of bandwidth (and sanity!) preservation. Several of these, such as the pregnant photos, aren't even relevant to my interests, but I figured I'd go ahead and icon all images of decent enough quality.

This is part one of two, the second of which will also include banners. It has been split for ease of loading.

I'm only faking when I get it right. )

Custom Text

Dean Winchester

I'm fine in the fire
I feed on the friction

Words go here. But I don't feel like coming up with a proper description yet. So enjoy this filler text, instead. It's quite filling, yes?

Under construction. It's a slow process, but I intend to build an actual custom theme for Tabula Rasa plain using this.

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