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Katya Chehova (Катя Чехова) is either this girl's name, her stage name, or the name of the musical project for which she contributed vocals. Unfortunately, there's a touch of conflicting information that causes my brain to melt. So I'm going to hope this is her name and go from there... Either way, though I feel she has decent pb potential, there aren't many photographs available (my only source is; I've yet to find additional sources).

I ripped off your wings, and I laughed... )

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Dean Winchester

I'm fine in the fire
I feed on the friction

Words go here. But I don't feel like coming up with a proper description yet. So enjoy this filler text, instead. It's quite filling, yes?

Under construction. It's a slow process, but I intend to build an actual custom theme for Tabula Rasa plain using this.

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