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"Another set for Damon Albarn?" you ask. Why, yes. Yes, it is. What is not to love about this man, really? Shh, I'm allowed to be obsessive at this time of morning. There's a bit of iffy quality in some of them due to being sourced from YouTube screencaps, but they're good enough for me. And really? That's what matters, since I made this set for one of my own characters. ;)

End of a century... Oh, it's nothing special. )
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I hoarded images of Damon Albarn when I decided to use him as a PB; now, I'm sharing the results. These are mostly of young!Damon. (Please excuse the subpar quality of some of these; I did the best I could with low-def and grainy photos.)

You beetlebum, just get numb... )

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