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What's to say about Alexz Johnson? I've liked the girl since back in the So Weird days, although I'd be lying to say I've followed her entire body of work. She has a great range of expressions, which I need to get around to iconning; but for now, here's a set I created for the purposes of a Slytherin student in an HP game. (Feel free to use her for whatever purposes you wish, of course.)

You know I won't forget how you hurt me twice to prove you were cynical. )

Custom Text

Dean Winchester

I'm fine in the fire
I feed on the friction

Words go here. But I don't feel like coming up with a proper description yet. So enjoy this filler text, instead. It's quite filling, yes?

Under construction. It's a slow process, but I intend to build an actual custom theme for Tabula Rasa plain using this.

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