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Quick set with a wide variety of colouring, lighting, and quality. These were made because I wanted to icon some of the images for use with my new genderswapped Dean Winchester muse. But apparently most of them are from the movie Drive Angry, in which she plays a character named Piper. Idk, I've never watched it. xD

Alternate croppings abound!

You better take care of that car. Or, I swear, I'll haunt your ass. )
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I created these because I wanted to prod at my new Doctor Who DVDs and because I need to learn proper means of colour and lighting correction. So far, I'm not convinced I like the way all of these have turned out; but I'm very fond of the blue-ish ones. If all goes as planned, this will be the first of two or more sets made from The Doctor's Daughter.

Just an echo. )
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Amy Lee has some of the most captivating eyes I've ever seen. In fact, I almost want to do a miniature set of eye close-ups. (As if that's relevant unless I actually do.) Numbers 44 and 47 are actually darker versions of 43 and 46, but that seems less obvious when they're next to each other than it did when making the icons.

I looked into your eyes of blue to find some solace there... )
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You know, I don't really have much to say about Hilary Duff. She was once one of my pbs, so I have a ton of images saved - both brunette and blond. Now that I'm considering using her again, I've decided to make a set of brunette icons. This is the first half of that set, which will be finished... eventually. I am all kinds of tired right now.

Also, a few dark blonde icons may have sneaked into this post. They're close enough to brunette that I don't feel like taking them out.

Love, love is a verb. Love is a doing word... )
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What's to say about Alexz Johnson? I've liked the girl since back in the So Weird days, although I'd be lying to say I've followed her entire body of work. She has a great range of expressions, which I need to get around to iconning; but for now, here's a set I created for the purposes of a Slytherin student in an HP game. (Feel free to use her for whatever purposes you wish, of course.)

You know I won't forget how you hurt me twice to prove you were cynical. )

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