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Upon trying to save some of my own icons for a friend, I realized that the "~original" Photobucket puts at the end of image links actually conflicts with the DownThemAll Firefox extension, making useless unreadable files instead of images. I've gone through and fixed this (hopefully) by removing that part from the end of file names in all of my sets. So if you were having any trouble saving my icons in the past, they should work now.
devilbear: Spike, Vicious, and Julia (Cowboy Bebop), seemingly happy (Cowboy Bebop: Spike - bloody smirk)
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Hey, there. Not sure if anyone actually watches this account for updates, but thought I could stand to update this comm a bit since it's been... Wow, two freaking years, already. Where does time even go?!

Going back and looking at my old icons, I like some and loathe some, but I won't be deleting any sets and probably won't bother to remake them, either, as I no longer have the original images for most of them.

That said, however, I have a new laptop and Photoshop now! And I know how to actually make decent-looking icons and play around with hair colours etc. Not sure whether I'll be making that many icons since I'm actually finally doing the whole spending time writing thing again, but I do have a set or two planned. So we'll see how things go. At the very least, my icons ought to not be so gaudy in the future (here's looking at you, Georgia Moffett set).

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